Arte Potencial

Marca registrada do Artista Norberto Moncarz.
Registered Trademark of Visual Artist Norberto Moncarz
Enhancing the recognition of emotions and discovering our own potential through the combination of music and painting. That’s what Arte Potencial is: a path towards personal development and transformation using creativity as a vehicle.
Breaking patterns to look for a sense of personal plenitude deep inside.
Fluency, creativity, integration capacity, and flexibility are the basis for Arte Potencial.


This one-hour-and-a-half activity consists in having a chat where I tell my experience of combining music and painting.
I do a live painting. After presentation, different materials (paints, brushes, and canvases) are distributed among the attendants so they can develop their creativity and enjoy a new experience.


This is an activity for kindergarten and elementary school children, aimed at showing them what abstract painting is about.
I begin by working on a painting, accompanied by music, so children see the combination of colors and the use of different materials as we all interact.
Once finished, children are invited to do their own paintings based on what they’ve seen.
It is quite interesting to see how they use their imagination and how much they enjoy playing free through art.